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Magic Non-Slip Sticker


Color: Black

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Tackle several sliding problems?at home with?Sticky Non-Slip Magic Sticker!?Say?good-bye to wrinkled, ill-fitting or bunched-up bed sheets, sofa covers,?and more!

Conveniently have every cover and sheets its finished-look!?No elastic straps, suspenders, or clip hassle-installation! It is?easy to use,?simply tear and?stick it wherever you need it!

It has?strong adhesion?that you?don¡¯t need to worry about moist or any movements on.?It leaves?no marks and traces after use?which protects your furniture¡¯s from damages or scratches.


??Strong Adhesion (Non-Slip):?The back tape provides?strong adhesion?that holds your stuff and?prevents them from sliding.
??Smooth and Finished-Look Surface

??No Damage to Surface:?It?leaves no marks or trace?on a surface which?protects your furniture from any damages?and keep them brand new.?
??Waterproof & Reusable:?
It is?eco-friendly?and?reusable.?Just rinse it and dry before use.

??Easy To Use:?The sticker is?easy to use,?just?simply tear and stick?in a few seconds.

??Wide Application:?The sticker is?multi-functional?that it can be applied to any fabric surfaces like?sofa cover, floor mat, cotton bed sheet or table mat, etc.


  • Material: Nylon, PVC
  • Size: 6cm?x 6cm?x 0.3cm
  • Color: Black / White